Somatic movement, 
breath work, meditation
16th October

This 1 day-retreat is an opportunity to re-balance and return to life with new energy. It is also a learning experience, where you will discover ways of replenishing your energy stores through the power of simple practice and reflection.

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This 3 day retreat will incorporate painting and connecting with nature through the brush and the heart. You will be connecting deeply with the surrounding nature with meditation techniques to support your art practice towards a more profound experience.

Beginners to advanced are welcome- this retreat is about you developing your connection to both nature and yourself.

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18-20th November
Winter Solstice Retreat
with Tonic Yoga
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Start your day with a beautiful, uplifting yoga practice followed by a home cooked lunch and a couple of hours relaxing in outdoor, wood fired hot tubs. The day will finish with an amazing Winter Solstice Ceremony by the Kitchen Witch followed by a gorgeous yin yoga and sound bath.

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18th December
Sketching Retreat


Mapping growth starts by defining some words that are associated with change (such as growth) and writing them down in an illustrative way. You then go on to draw something that is changing in front of you in 4 frames. The class will finish up with illustrating growth as changes in scale by making a collage of cut outs of similar shapes in a variety of sizes and then linking them together.

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23rd October
Makrame Workshop


Spend a day creating a hanging basket to adorn your home or make a gift for someone special. The day is suitable for individuals with little or no experience and popular with groups of friends and mums and grown up kids wishing to spend relaxing and meaningful time together. 


The craft part lasts around 3 hours. Follow by lunch and a full PAUS bathing experience (optional) to make the most from a relaxing bonding day.

This workshop is led by Alexandra


21st Nov & 5th Dec
A Quiet Adventure

a day to pause, ground, go inwards, reflect, clear and nourish...

The day starts with a short group breath work meditation to relax the body before a quiet guided barefoot walk to connect with the earth, followed by lunch and hilltop bathing. Finally, a grounding meditation will top this quiet day spent in nature.

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5th November
Ice Immersion & 

Led by Wim Hof certified instructor Graham Fairley, learn various techniques of breathing, meditation and cold exposure (ice bath) and how to apply them in everyday life. 

You will optimise breathing mechanics, learn how to control stress response, and use gradual cold exposure to increase your tolerance to cold, stimulate the immune system and improve blood circulation.

28th November
Spring Equinox Retreat
with Tonic Yoga
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A wonderful day of yoga, sound healing, hot tubs, delicious food and a fabulous ceremony to honour the Spring Equinox

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19th March

Yoga with Katherine
Fridays 10AM-11:15AM 

Weekly yoga class for all to reap the benefits of a regular practice; combining strengthening, mobilisation, breath works & relaxation.


For enquiries and tickets, please email Katherine.

Free Guided Reflexology Tours
Thursdays 11am & 2:30pm


Whether for relaxation or to treat a specific physical ailment, Jess will guide you through the various sections and materials of the path and advise on exercises that you can carry out alone at home or on your next visit to PAUS.​

Tickets for The Meadows required.