Yoga Soul hosts you for a nourishing Yoga & Spa retreat day enjoying a balancing morning yoga & meditation, wholesome lunch, sensory meadow walk & rejuvenating hilltop bathing experience overlooking the rolling countryside.
Inviting in balance + breath to harmonise the mind, body & spirit.

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14th May 
Floral Forms: Art & Drawing Retreat


Enjoy a creative workshop exploring flower forms, bold colours and the systematic patterns that describe nature.
Artist Debora Cane will guide you through simple concepts and practical drawing techniques to offer you an opportunity for curiosity, experimentation and a mindful experience away from your everyday.

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15th May 
Befriend: Body, Breath.
Still the mind.

Join Katherine, aka YokingIsYoga, on this nourishing Yoga & Hilltop retreat, inviting you to BEFRIEND the mind/body & breath. Harnessing healing Polyvagal techniques, embodied mindful movement & breathwork (Pranayama) to still the mind.

Through Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation we learn that the body is simply a vehicle for Awareness. Combined with the proven benefits of blissful Scandinavian-style outdoor bathing, this micro retreat will leave you calm, centered & EMPOWERED with an experiential toolkit to befriend your nervous system.

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21st May 
Orchids at PAUS.jpg
Blossom: Half Day Retreat
Huntington Women's Circle

Take a deep breath, step into your magic and come back to you.

Give yourself full permission to just be, to blossom into your fullness, beauty, joy…your radiance!  This half-day retreat offers open space, hammocks, meditation walks and has been created with the focus on reconnecting to nature. The silence offers an invitation, to hear the quiet murmurs of your heart and the opportunity to be moved by your inner guide.

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28th May 
Time Out 

Andy Nathan will lead you on this day retreat to get ready to take the actions you need to create the life you want.

Learn to remove the self-doubt that stands in your way through movement, breathwork and coaching exercises.

Andy will guide you on how to challenge and deal with overwhelm, set healthy boundaries, to focus on yourself and your goals. You will use positive energy to bridge the gap between where you are  and where you want to be. 

Make a plan to create your own reality.

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5th June
Summer Solstice Retreat

Summer Solstice Retreat Day with Amy Willis aka Crescent Moon Yoga.


Join Amy for a balancing Yin/ Yang Yoga practice, energising breath work, essential oils, Yoga Nidra, bathing under the sky.

A Retreat day to celebrate Summer Solstice and cultivate JOY.

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11th June
Crcle Wellbeing.jpeg
Self-Care & Calm Retreat

Join Crcle Wellbeing for this day retreat to take time for your own self-care and create a sense of calm in your busy life.


Start the day with some gentle yoga, followed by a mindfulness and meditation session to care for our minds, inviting a sense of calm.

Enjoy a delicious lunch and explore the meadows, the barefoot walk and relax in the outdoor space. There will be mini massage treatments followed by outdoor bathing for the ultimate calm end to the day. 

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12th June
Heart and the Fire Element - A Summer Transition Retreat

Join Janine Tandy for a day honouring our seasonal transition into Summer. This  season is most yang, our energy and nature's energy is most outgoing and expansive. It is the time of year to attend to our hearts, the place that houses our emotions and our ability to lean into joy. Fire is the element of this season, representing transformation, light, connection and determination.

 Explore these themes through Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga, and Mindfulness practices. The day includes lunch and the PAUS outdoor bathing experience. 

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18th June
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Flower Crown Workshop
Day Retreat


Join Florist Lisa Doran for a flower crown workshop, followed by a homecooked nourishing lunch in our bistro and of course the amazing PAUS Hilltop Bathing experience! 

Fully embrace the Summer, the aroma of flowers, your creativity in the tranquility of PAUS. 


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19th June
Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 12.26.10.png
Reconnect Your Senses...


Time for you… in a nurturing outdoor setting to reconnect with your senses and welcome in a huge sense of calm and wellbeing, for both mind and body.


Anjo Wellness & Yoga with Gosia will host you on this beautiful day retreat.
Let the potency and purity of essential oils transport your mind and body to a place of calm and peace during the ANJO Wellness @ PAUS retreat.

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25th June
Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 12.31.40.png
A Summer Day Retreat 

Gather, nourish, bloom.

A nourishing day retreat at PAUS in with Rachael Moore Yoga. Connect to your body, heart and mind through mindful and enlivening practices. Celebrate the expansive & abundant nature of summer with yoga (vinyasa and restorative), essential oils, lunch and a bathing experience in PAUS's beautiful rural setting.

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26th June
Movement is Medicine

Amy (@barrecambridge) & Andrea of Santosha Yoga (@mydogdoesyoga) return to PAUS for an iconic day of movement, meditation, yoga and connection.

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9th July

Yogalates with Giorgia

Mondays 10AM-11AM


The best moves from Yoga and Pilates:
A class to move your body mindfully, creating sequences that allow your muscles to stretch and become stronger. You will improve your range of motion, your confidence and resilience, refine your posture and boost your balance.


Yoga with Katherine
Fridays 10AM-11.15AM 

Weekly yoga class for all to reap the benefits of a regular practice; combining strengthening, mobilisation, breath works & relaxation.


For enquiries and tickets, please email Katherine.