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PAUS. etiquette

Do not be alarmed by the long list of 'rules' below, but you may not have been somewhere like PAUS. before. We are not a Spa. 

To make your visit as comfortable as possible, take a moment to read the below:


Bathing Space

UNDER 18s are not allowed in the bathing area. Please bring your ID if you are lucky enough to look 25 or younger.

Children over 12 may use the area by prior arrangement if accompanied by adults.

No sharp objects or glass are permitted in the bathing area.

No food is allowed in the bathing area for hygiene reasons.

A hot, soapy shower (provided) must be taken before entering the hot tubs/sauna.

Wear a bathing costume. No daywear or underwear is allowed in the hot tubs or sauna. 

Do not wear heavy makeup, body lotions, or sun-protective creams in the hot tubs. 

We suggest the use of our provided sun umbrellas and bringing additional items to cover up when possible.

Before and during the visit please drink plenty of water (provided).

Do not use the bathing facilities if you have sensitive skin, open sores/wounds, or have had the flu or stomach problems in the last 7 days. Contact your GP before use if you are pregnant, receiving medical treatment, or have a long term illness.


Contact us if you have any questions about H&S Etiquette. 

Food & beverages

Only food and drinks purchased at PAUS are allowed to be consumed on the premises including in the Meadows. 

We reserve the right to request you to leave the premises if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substances; if your behavior is disruptive or disrespectful towards other guests and our staff.

No refunds will be issued in such cases.


Due to the outdoor nature of the site, conditions can vary underfoot.

Surfaces may be uneven and there is a risk of trips or falls.

Walk slowly, carefully and fully concentrated on the surfaces. 

When walking barefoot we cannot guarantee that a naughty thistle won't be waiting for your feet, particularly in the Spinney area.

We have a lot of rabbits as tenants so please watch out for holes, burrows and homes.

No picnics or camping are allowed unless prior arrangement with management.

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