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Meet the family

"When we first met the wood-fired hot tubs in 2009 we fell in love with them instantly"

Partners and business owners Alexandra and Bart have been hand-building their premium fleet of red cedar wood hot tubs and saunas for over a decade.

In 2017 - the seeds of PAUS. were sown.

PAUS family and team

“We have been operating our family business, Bathing Under the Sky, since 2010 - providing handmade, outdoor wood-fired, western red cedar hot tubs and saunas as a luxury ‘pop-up spa’ at team-building corporate events, product launches and boutique festivals all across the UK.” 

PAUS Bathing in the Sky Bus
Alexandra and Bart PAUS team founders

Our touring spa now boasts more than 30 premium hot tubs and serves thousands of satisfied clients every year. In 2014, we launched the world's first and only Double Decker Hot Tub Bus, which became an instant hit. You can find out more about the Bus here.

In July 2018, we realised our long-held dream of creating a permanent wellbeing venue and Bathing Under the Sky’s sister business, PAUS., was born. Welcoming over 3,000 visitors in its first year of operation, PAUS. continues to attract local regular bathers as well as outdoor and wellbeing enthusiasts from further afield. And we continue to be inspired by the many benefits of bathing, moving, rejuvenating and reconnecting in the inspirational embrace of the great British outdoors.”


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